Remedy Place


No! Remedy place is an inclusive club with exclusive options. We welcome a la carte booking and walk-in appointments, however our memberships grant the best access and value of benefits that we have to offer.

Yes! We accept walk-in guests, however, we ask that you keep in mind services may be booked up if not planned in advance. We always encourage guests to make reservations prior to visiting through our website, mobile booking app, or by calling the Club Concierge team to ensure they are able to enjoy the services they want.

Tech-Remedies are our collection of specialized holistic technologies that offset life’s everyday stressors and help you take control of your own health. They include Hyperbaric Oxygen Chambers, Lymphatic Compression Suits, Infrared Saunas, Ice Baths, Cryotherapy, Red Light Bed, and any other wellness-based tech you find at Remedy Place.

Guests are able to reserve appointments through our website, our mobile app for android and iOS, and by calling our Club Concierge directly. We find that online book and mobile app appointments are easiest while on the go! Group bookings can be more easily planned by calling our club and speaking with our concierge team.

We will always do our best to accommodate tardiness should the schedule permit however full appointments are never guaranteed if late. Appointments past 15 minutes will be automatically canceled with no refund.

Most choose to enjoy the space wearing comfortable loungewear. However, you can absolutely enjoy what we have to offer in the space wearing regular work/street clothes. The Ice Baths require you to bring a bathing suit, and you are also welcome to wear swimwear in the infrared saunas. Clean towels are provided.

The only showers we have are for guests and members that have booked a session in our private infrared sauna suites. We do not have locker rooms but we do provide cubbies and small lockers for guests while they use the space.

Visit time will vary depending on what has been booked. Cryotherapy and Vitamin shots are the quickest appointments we offer (~5-10 min) with times increasing from there. Please call the club concierge if you have any additional questions about how long you should expect to be at Remedy depending on the services you have booked.

Absolutely! Remedy Place is your new destination for social self-care! We love groups and encourage bringing a friend or two to enjoy the space with. All of our reservations are specifically designed to be enjoyed with friends because we believe healing is accelerated when practiced with people you care about.

Every guest’s ideal visit cadence will be different depending on their own personal and lifestyle factors. Guests can book a complimentary sit-down with our Remedy Specialist team to assess their various stress factors and create a bespoke plan to best offset each. However, for the average healthy person who simply wants to optimize their well-being, we generally recommend 1-2 visits a week to take advantage of at least 2 tech-remedy appointments and one practitioner visit.

We always like to encourage guests to disconnect while in the space, but completely understand that life sometimes gets in the way. We ask that phone conversations in the space take place at a volume that is respectful to other guests enjoying their tranquil time. You may use phones in the Hyperbaric chambers, IV/Compression suites, bar, and outside areas.

While any registered service dogs may come into the space, they absolutely must be supervised at all times. We ask that all animals remain off furniture to respect any allergies or sensitivities of other guests. Please also keep in mind the nature of our facilities: Hyperbaric Chambers, Infrared Saunas, Ice Baths, Cryo, etc.. are not suitable for animal use.