Remedy Place

Meet Our Practitioners

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Our practitioners are experts in their fields and specialize in Traditional Chinese Medicine, Chiropractic, and Functional Medicine to not only provide hands-on healing, but the education to be preventive and proactive with your health.

Our Founder

Dr. Jonathan Leary is the visionary Founder and CEO of Remedy Place, a revolutionary Social Wellness Club with establishments in New York and Los Angeles, and plans to create a global footprint with brick-and-mortar locations spanning North America and beyond. A true trailblazer in modern wellness and self-care, Dr. Leary seamlessly transitioned his clinical practice as a world-renowned Concierge Wellness Doctor into the unprecedented launch of Remedy Place.

At the intersection of design, holistic self-care, and human connection, Dr. Leary and Remedy Place are architecting a profound shift in the landscape of the $10+ trillion healthcare industry. Responding to a surge in demand from a market poised for exponential growth, Remedy Place has launched a global events division and introduced a collection of holistic technologies, ushering in a dynamic new era of self-care.

Beyond his leadership at Remedy Place, Dr. Leary is a sought-after speaker in the health and wellness arena. His practice and expertise have been featured in top media outlets from Vogue to The New York Times, alongside a range of corporate advisories and appearances including Delta Airlines, Cannes Film Festival, and The Global Wellness Summit.

Dr. Leary continues to innovate and inspire with an unwavering commitment to transforming lives and shaping industries.

Meet The Team

  • Headshot of Dr. Rodante Saballa

    Dr. Rodante Saballa, DC, MS, CCSP

    Director of Complementary & Alternative Medicine

  • Headshot of Dr. Krystle Etri

    Dr. Krystle Etri, ND

    Naturopathic Doctor

  • Dr. Tyler Golden, DC


  • Christine Lian, RN

    Registered Nurse

  • AnneMarie Dolgetta, RN

    Registered Nurse

  • Dr. Angela Myles, L.Ac, LMT


  • Dr. Tyler Farrish, ND

    Naturopathic Doctor

  • Dr. Keiko Hamano, DACM, DC, L.Ac


  • Dr. Kelsey King, ND

    Naturopathic Doctor

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