Remedy Place

IV and Contrast Therapy Bundle

Self-care is better shared.

Experiencing self-care together is a powerful way to deepen your connection and enhance your relationship with someone you love.

Treat yourself and someone special to our IV and Contrast Therapy Bundle. This February, reserve a Quick Drip IV experience for two and enjoy a limited-time value on an ice bath and sauna duo.

Quick Drip IV for two

Breathwork Ice Bath for two

Infrared Sauna for two

Book your package same-day, or redeem any time throughout the year. Bundles are valid for purchase through Thursday, February 29th.

All guests receiving their first IV at Remedy Place must arrive 30 minutes ahead of their scheduled reservation. For guests who choose to reserve contrast therapy (ice bath and sauna) the same day as their IV, we recommend beginning with an IV, followed by contrast therapy.