Remedy Place

Remedy Roller

Automated full-body massage device

Transform your home into a self-care sanctuary. The Remedy Roller is an automated full-body massage device that blends beautiful design with functionality. Bringing the Remedy Place experience home, this device helps to revitalize your muscles through self-myofascial release. The roller features infrared light to help boost circulation so you can rejuvenate while you recover.

Leveraging both cutting-edge technology and proven recovery techniques, the Remedy Roller is perfect to use pre- or post-workout, after a long day of being seated, or any moment your body needs to feel better.

Go deeper with your self-care routine. Explore the Remedy Roller.


Go deeper with your
self-care routine

Explore The Remedy Roller

Key Features

  • 3-in-1 full-body automated body roller, fascia release, and deep-
tissue massage
  • Infrared light therapy to help stimulate collagen production
  • 100% natural beachwood balusters rotate at various speeds
  • Ready-made, voice-guided training programs with options for customization
  • LCD touch display
  • Bi-directional drum system with safety sensors
  • Shipping & installation not included


    “We Sat on a $12,000 Massager. Here’s Why You Should, Too.”


    “You may never need another lymphatic massage outside of your home again.”


  • Features

    • Full-body automated body massage device designed for self-myofascial release
    • Automatic foam rolling, fascia work, and deep-tissue massage all-in-one
    • Bi-directional drum system with safety sensors
    • 100% natural beachwood balusters rotate at various speeds
    • Ready-made training programs with voice guidance to tailor each treatment to your goals
    • Infrared light therapy to encourage collagen production
    • LCD touch display
    • Shipping & installation not included
  • Dimensions

    • Length: 5’ 10” - 6’ 3” (depending on placement of seat accessories)
    • Width: 4’ 2”
    • Height: 2” 7’
    • Weight: 190 lbs
  • Power Requirements

    • Plugs into standard 110v US outlet